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Cultural revival. Diverse population. Easy access to transportation and outdoor recreation. Learn more about the neighborhood that everyone's talking about in the articles featured below.


In July 2014, Metro US sat down with Edgard Alvarez of the newly re-opened local favorite "Cantina Avenida" to discuss their rebranding and particpation in Mt. Airy Brunch Sessions.

"Nearly five years ago, husband and wife team Edgar and Kim Alvarez opened Avenida, a Latin restaurant in Mt. Airy. Earlier this year, after a brief closing, they reimagined the space and reopened it as Cantina Avenida."

"You recently reopened Avenida as Cantina Avenida. Why the change?

When we opened Avenida we were very excited to have a Latin restaurant in the area. And that worked for four and a half years. People started looking for something that was more fun and more casual. No need for ties! Most of the time change is for the good. This time it was for the great."




Victims of racial violence find refuge in the Mt. Airy community in "The Hatred and the Courage" featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer October 2013.

"Horace and Sarah Baker weren't looking to make a political statement when they decided to move from the city."

"The Bakers' were scheduled to move in on Thursday, Aug. 29, 1963 – the day after King's "I Have a Dream" speech. But the home had already been painted with the racial slur, and a crowd of locals began to fill the street."

"As they tried to enter the home that day, the Bakers and some allies were driven back twice by the mob. Rioters shattered all the windows, bashed in doors, even ripped out electrical and plumbing fixtures."

"The Bakers found a lifeline in the Mount Airy families that had aided them in the darkest days of 1963."



CNN Money MagazineMt. Airy was named Best Big-City Neighborhood for the Philadelphia Region by CNN Money Magazine in a feature from August 2013.

"Mount Airy pairs a racially and religiously diverse population with a neighborhood packed with historic homes and leafy streets.

Germantown Avenue, which divides East and West Mount Airy, is the backbone of the nabe and home to shops, art centers, and restaurants. Houses here start at about $200,000, roughly 30% lower than in neighboring Chestnut Hill (though you can easily pay $500,000 in the tonier parts of West Mount Airy).

Plus, the area is just a 10-minute walk from Fairmount Park, where residents can hike and picnic."





New York TimesThe Mt. Airy Night Markets were featured in The New York Times as part of their In Philadelphia Food Trucks are Rolling article from May 2012.

"The best way to experience Philadelphia’s still surging street-food scene is at one of the city’s Night Markets, organized by the local nonprofit Food Trust, with financing from the William Penn Foundation. In the market, first held in October 2010, a battalion of trucks (and other mobile food vendors) converges on a designated stretch of a particular neighborhood. This year’s first two events will take place in the Northern Liberties neighborhood on May 24, on Washington Avenue in South Philadelphia, across from the city’s historic Italian Market, on June 28, and in Mount Airy on Aug. 16."

New York TimesIn June 2011, Mt. Airy was featured in The New York Times Travel Section as a notable neighborhood in their 'Surfacing' feature.

"Buoyed by reasonable housing costs and relatively safe streets, Mount Airy is in the midst of a cultural revival, replete with new and old businesses, which have come to reflect its residents’ socially conscious and progressive lifestyle."

Oprah MagazineOprah Magazine highlighted Mt. Airy as a uniquely diverse and friendly neighborhood.

"Welcome to a neighborhood where people of just about every race, religion, class, belief system, and sexual orientation come together and play very nicely."

Philadelphia StylePhiladelphia Style Magazine highlighted the Mt Airy renaissance.

"It is a comeback that speaks volumes about how a community can bring about change if everyone works together. 'Mt. Airy has really withstood the test of time,' Robert Elfant says."